Fun Facts about Roulette You can Impress People With

Roulette is a super easy casino game that draws newcomers in with its simplicity, or so it seems. All it takes the majority of the time is a dealer, a wheel, a small ball, and some bets. You might think there is nothing else to it, but the game has many interesting facts a good roulette player should know. Some of these points may make the game look better to you or worse, depending on what kind of player you are. Here are some roulette fun facts that you can use to impress people with.

It’s kind of impossible to have a roulette strategy

Roulette is a casino game based very deeply in luck, not skill. Some people may claim to have a perfect strategy when it comes to playing roulette by considering the past results and applying that to their bets. But this system is incredibly flawed because in roulette, the past outcomes have no effect on any of the future outcomes. It’s virtually impossible to come up with a strategy that can help you predict the outcomes.

The 2 roulettes

There are two versions of roulette, the European version, and the American version. The European roulette wheel has one green 0 and the American has the green 0 as well as a 00 that is also in green. The American version is the least preferred out of the two because it provides worse odds than the European version. The house edge in American styled roulette is 5.26% and for European styled roulette it’s 2.7%, the difference is palpable.

Both versions are available in online casinos

If you play an game in an online casino, always make sure you know which version it is you are playing. This is also sometimes the case in physical casinos as well, they bet on players not realizing the difference, so understanding that difference is important. The distinction in the games should not be misjudged.

Roulette AKA the devil’s wheel

Why is it called the devil’s wheel you may ask? If you’re a Christian or have any understanding of demon knowledge from pop culture, you will know that the number 666 is considered to be the number of ‘the beast’. And in roulette, no matter which version you find, the numbers on the wheel add up to 666. Many find this disturbing and refuse to play the game because of it, and many find it amusing. Or try something else like Sport betting.


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